You know that feeling you get when you’re reading a book and things start to make sense and connect beyond the pages in your hands? Or that feeling from algebra class when the jumble of letters and numbers that confounded you for days has actually started making sense? That’s how I felt reading this article […]

This is the story that has been waiting to write itself. He came from a family of farmers that weren’t really drowning in wealth. Wealth was the one word you could use to describe their personalities, but certainly not their lifestyles. They were poor – the sort of poor who had to look up to […]

My newest collaboration with photographer Jonathan Besler:  

Sometimes the words we write and once understood can become lost on us as we move through life and transform into other versions of ourselves. I wrote a year ago that the harshest judge amongst us was man himself. In the fleeting moments of the incredibly amazing life I’ve been blessed to have been living […]

Pleased to share another piece from my collaboration with photographer Jonathan Besler.    

I have a deep appreciation for the colour purple. Not just any purple of course, but a deep, royal, velvety purple; one that is very sure of itself and rarely stops to see what it looks like in comparison with other purples. It’s the perfect purple, really. I know how important this purple is, and […]

All I wanted was my very own Hemingway. I liked what I knew and was blissfully unaware of precisely how much I was blissfully unaware of. So I wanted a Hemingway with everything I had – until I got to know Hemingway. The man may make the stories but the man is not the story. The […]